The (administrative) procedures will be introduced by requesting a European Technical Assessment (ETA). Involved in the procedure are: the applicant, DIBt, if necessary, the relevant Sachverständigenausschuss (‘expert committee’) of DIBt, EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessment) and, if need be, the European Commission. The chart gives the basic overview of the course of an assessment procedure in the European area.

The systematic course of action of an assessment procedure is of considerable importance to show that DIBt is able to grant its customers assessment of qualitative high nature within a period of time as short as possible and with the least onerous extent of testing and assessing.

The European Technical Assessment (ETA) enables the manufacturer to place the CE marking on the construction product and thus the access to the European market. With the CE marking the manufacturer confirms that he carried out the prescribed verification method and that the conformity of the product is given with the ETA .