FAQ - Procedures for European Assessment

In which cases can the European Technical Assessment be granted?

Case a) A harmonised standard does not exist for the construction product (Article 19(1)(a) EU Construction Products Regulation).

Case b) Assessment procedures provided for in the harmonised standard are not suitable for at least one essential characteristic of that product (Article 19(1)(b) EU Construction Products Regulation).

Case c) The harmonised standard does not provide for any assessment method in relation to at least one essential characteristic of that product (Article 19(1)(c) EU Construction Products Regulation).


What is the European Technical Assessment?

The European Technical Assessment is the documented assessment of the performance of a construction product in relation to its essential characteristics (Article 2(13) EU Construction Products Regulation). It is based on investigations, descriptions, tests and/or calculations in accordance with the provisions of the basic European Assessment Document.

The essential characteristics of the construction product are those characteristics which relate to the basic requirements for construction works (Article 2(4) EU Construction Products Regulation). These basic requirements are (Annex I EU Construction Products Regulation):

  • Mechanical resistance and stability
  • Safety in case of fire

  • Hygiene, health and the environment
  • Safety and accessibility in use
  • Protection against noise

  • Energy economy and heat retention
  • Sustainable use of natural resources.

The construction products must be suitable for construction works, which are fit for their intended use, account being taken of economy and which satisfy the requirements imposed for an economically reasonable working life, if normally maintained.

The essential characteristics of a construction product are related to the requirements of construction works. These requirements are defined by the provisions applicable at the place of use, especially the rules for project design, design rules and rules of execution for construction works. Depending on this the products shall show certain performances for specific uses.

Concerning kits the performance shall be determined for the assembled system.

The determination of product performance is made on the basis of a European Assessment Document. A Guideline for the European technical approval, published before 1 July 2013 in accordance with the Construction Products Directive, can be used as European Technical Assessment (Article 66(3) EU Construction Products Regulation).

If a European Technical Assessment has been issued for a construction product and this product is placed on the internal market, there is an obligation for the manufacturer to issue a declaration of performance (Article 4(1) EU Construction Products Regulation), and as a consequence the

CE marking (Article 8(2) EU Construction Products Regulation). In this context, the manufacturer shall apply the respective applicable system(s) of assessment and verification of constancy of performance. Details on that can be found in the European Assessment Document which is the basis for the European Technical Assessment.