European Procedure

European Technical Assessment

The European Technical Assessment, or ETA for short, offers manufacturers an alternative route to CE marking if

  • no harmonised standard exists for the construction product;
  • an essential product characteristics is not covered by the harmonised standard or
  • the assessment method set out in the harmonised standard is not suitable.

In practice, the ETA can be used very flexibly.

Examples of use

  • There is no harmonised standard for your construction product, but you still wish to market it throughout Europe. As the basis for the CE marking, the ETA offers you unrestricted access to the European market.
  • Your customers demand reliable information on performance characteristics not covered by the harmonised standard. You can supply this with an independent source via the ETA. The ETA is thus an argument in favour of your product and helps to ensure its success on the market.
  • Your product has performance characteristics which you would like to emphasise, but which are not covered by the harmonised standard. The ETA can be tailored to your product.
  • You wish to rely on an established internationally recognised assessment for launching your product in global markets.

The European Technical Assessment (ETA) provides an independent for assessing the essential performance characteristics of a construction product, which is recognised across Europe. The ETA procedure is based on Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 (Construction Products Regulation).

The ETA – independent, officially recognised, European

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