The application for granting an abZ initiates the administrative procedure. The applicant, the DIBt and where appropriate the relevant expert committee of the DIBt all play a part in the procedure. The flow chart shows the principle events of an approval procedure in the national context.

The smooth flow of the approval procedure is particularly important to allow the DIBt to grant a high quality approval to its customers in the shortest possible time and with the lowest possible costs of testing and assessment. You can find general advice on the methods employed under the heading 'Procedures for obtaining an abZ'. This sets out a summary with an overview and a longer version with further explanations of the individual measures.

1. Early involvement of the DIBt / preliminary talks
A preliminary discussion with the relevant DIBt consultant is of particular benefit to new DIBt customers, who may have little experience of the approval procedure, but also to manufacturers as a means of estimating the amount of work and cost involved.

2. Accurate application
To enable a fast procedure of approval the application should provide as much as possible accurate and complete data / information.

3. List of priorities
4. Discussions between manufacturer and DIBt / Responsible contact person
5. "One-stop shop"
6. Testing in the factory
7. Involvement of expert committees
8. Further development of the product during the approval process
9. Calculation rather than testing
10. Better values and higher safety margins