DIBt consists of three technical departments covering all fields of construction, the Presidential Department attending to matters of construction law and an internal administration and services department.

Department I - Structural engineering
Head: Mr Andreas Kummerow

Phone: -243 | Fax:  -11243 | Email:

Department II – Health and environmental protection, Registration of energy performance certificates, Standardisation

Head: Mr Dirk Brandenburger

Phone: -232 | Fax: -11232 | Email:

Department III – Building physics, Technical building equipment

Head: Mr Prof. Gunter Hoppe

Phone: -219 | Fax: -11219 | Email: 

Department ZD – Administration and services
Head: Ms Dr. Patricia Döring

Phone: -220 | Fax: -11220 | Email:

Department PPresidential Department
Head: Mr Dr.-Ing. Karsten Kathage, Vice President of DIBt

Phone: -214 | Fax: -11214 | Email: