The Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) has unique knowledge of construction engineering and construction law with respect to products and types of construction. On the one hand this is because the staff at the DIBt are qualified specialists in their own technical fields, and on the other hand because the DIBt is supported by the knowledge and experience of around 600 external experts in science, commerce and public administration, who are active in about 140 DIBt expert committees. This enormous wealth of technical expertise is becoming more and more important to our partners in the industry as the pressure of competition forces the development of innovative building products to become increasingly quicker and more complex. In order to take this trend into account in the approval procedure, the DIBt has expert committees for different technical fields. The fields include all aspects of the construction engineering from concrete and steel construction, metal structures, composite structures, masonry, timber, foundations, anchors and fixings, glass in buildings, plastics, waste water, technical building services, water conservation, waterproofing systems, fire protection, health and environmental protection and building physics.

Other expert committees resolve the issues of recognition of testing institutes and certification bodies.

Furthermore there are superordinate committees which deal with basic issues (Grundsatzausschüsse) concerning questions from all areas regarding proof of fitness for use (Brauchbarkeitsnachweis in accordance with Section 9 German Building Products Law) and verification of applicability (Verwendbarkeitsnachweis), emission control, health protection and occupational safety, and water pollution control and soil protection. This know-how, which is unique in Europe, coupled with sound experience from practice and theory, allows DIBt to provide its partners with the best possible solutions in the area of approval of construction products and types of construction, in addition to its other services.