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Metal construction, Composite construction, Bearings, Glass construction

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Information on the structural design approval procedure
(January 2016, German)

Die Technischen Regeln des Glasbaus - TRLV, TRAV und TRPV - finden Sie bei den Mustervorschriften unter der Rubrik Service.

List of approvals (abZ)

8 Scaffolds
14 Metal constructions and types of metal construction
16 Steel bearings and plastic bearings
26 Composite constructions
30 Metal constructions - construction materials
35 Isolated chimneys
70 Glass in building

List of approvals (ETA)

03 Load Bearing Components
04 Building Envelope
06 Fixation and Sealing



  • Steel and metal construction

Steel construction

  • Connection pieces

  • Tension members

  • Space framework

  • Bulk container

Light metal construction

  • Connection pieces

  • Sectional sheets

  • Girders for cold rolled section

  • Suspended metal ceiling

Connections and fasteners

  • Screws

  • Tapping screws

  • Blind rivet

  • Bolts, "Setzbolzen" etc.

Rack systems

  • Palett racks

  • Shelf racks

  • Drive in and through rackets

  • Cantilever racks

  • Materials

Metallic materials

  • Products and construction elements of stainless steel

  • Thermomechanically rolled fine-grained steel

  • Creep resistant steels

Welding technician

  • Prefabricated steel and aluminium elements

  • Building products welded by a special method

Corrosion protection

  • Covers

  • Coatings

  • Composite constructions

Composite components

  • Composite floors

  • Composite girders

  • Composite stanchions

Shear connectors

  • Mechanical connectors

  • Concrete dowels

  • Bearings

Bridge bearings

  • Reinforced elastomer bearings

  • Pot bearings

  • Cup and ball bearing

  • Sliding bearings

Building construction bearings

  • Non-reinforced elastomer bearings

  • Sliding bearings

  • Bearings for shock absorption

  • Bearing for isolation of repeated loads in buildings

  • Special structures


  • Systems of frame scaffolds

  • Modular systems

Scaffold components

  • Frame coupling

  • Couplings

  • Building stanchions

  • Girder clamps

Free-standing steel stack

  • Pipes for exhaust gas at mast constructions

  • Stacks of prefabricated concrete elements

Towers and masts

Temporary structures

  • Snapping rags for use in temporary structures

  • Glass in building
  • Structural sealant glazing systems

Point-supported vertical glazing

  • Point-supported vertical glazing above bore-holes with subside fastenings ("Senkhalter")

  • Point-supported vertical glazing above bore-holes with disk fastenings ("Tellerhalter")

  • Point-supported vertical glazing at edges over clamps

Overhead glazing

  • Laminated glass from partly prestressed glass (TVG) with PVB-Foil, line- and point-supported

  • Canopy systems

  • Solar modules

Line-supported vertical glazing

  • Laminated glass from partly prestressed glass (TVG) with PVB-Foil

  • Façade constructions requesting fire protection

    Profile construction glass

  • Special structures

Glazing used as guard rail

  • Line- and point-supported glazings for guard rail

Accessible glazing