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List of approvals (abZ)

3 Concrete technology
31 Fibre cement
36 Bonding methods

List of approvals (ETA)

03 Load Bearing Components
05 Supplementary Internal Building Components



  • Concrete technology

Concrete constituents

  • Binders

  • Concrete admixtures

  • Concrete additions

  • Fibres

  • Concrete aggregates

Special concretes and special mortars

  • Mass concrete

  • Grouting mortars/concretes

  • Reaction resin mortars

  • Other special concretes

Protection and repair of concrete members

  • Protective measures for traffic-carrying concrete surfaces

  • Products for repair with special properties

  • Fibre cement with non-metallic fibres

Construction products and construction members

  • Fibre cement flat sheet kits

  • Fibre cement profiled sheet kits

  • Special boards

  • Strengthening of concrete members

Steel plates / CFRP strips

  • Strengthening with externally bonded steel plates

  • Strengthening with externally bonded carbon fibre reinforced polymer strips (CFRP strips)

  • Strengthening with CFRP strips bonded into slits

CF sheets

  • Strengthening of tanks with laminated carbon fibre sheets

Textile-reinforced concrete

  • Strengthening against bending stress with textile-reinforced concrete