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Earth work and foundation engineering,
Waterproofing of buildings

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Waterproofing of buildings

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List of approvals (abZ)

17 Wall elements
20 Geosynthetic reinforced soil structure
34 Soil and foundation engineering
72 Water-proofing of buildings and roofs

List of approvals (ETA)

01 Civil Engineering
03 Load Bearing Components
04 Building Envelope
05 Supplementary Internal Building Components
12 Various Building Materials, Building Components




  • Masonry units

  • Masonry mortars

  • Prefabricated masonry compound units

  • Masonry constructions with shuttering blocks

  • Dry masonry

  • Reinforced masonry

  • Lintels

  • Supplementary construction elements

Soil and foundation engineering

  • Ground anchors

  • Soil nailing

  • Piles

  • Pile joints

  • Soil grouting

  • Deep mixing (mixed-in-place)

  • Geosynthetic reinforced fill structures

  • Waterproofing of buildings

Water proofing of buildings and roofs

  • Bitumen sheets, plastic sheets, elastomeric sheets

  • Liquid applied products: polymer-modified bituminous thick coatings, mineral seal compounds, dispersions, reaction resins

Sealings of joints and transitions for concrete building elements with high resistance against penetration of water (wu-Beton)

  • Coated and non-coated metal joint sealings

  • Grouting hose systems

  • Polymer joint sealings, exterior and interior

  • Transitions with adhesion

  • Transitions with built-in parts

Waterproofing of bridge decks

  • Bitumen sheets

  • Liquid applied products on the basis of reaction resins

Expansion joints for bridges

  • Supported expansion joints

  • Nosing expansion joints

  • Flexible expansion joints

  • Cantilever expansion joints

  • Mat expansion joints

  • Modular expansion joints

  • Buried expansion joints