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Plastics construction, Facades

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ETAG 034
Guideline for European technical approval of kits for external wall claddings (Last amended: April 2012)
Part 1: Ventilated cladding kits comprising cladding components and associated fixings;
Part 2: Cladding kits comprising cladding components, associated fixings, subframe and possible insulation layer

Bauaufsichtliche Behandlung von Wasserrutschen aus Kunststoffen (April 2010)

List of approvals (abZ)

10 Plastics
33 Façades
36 Bonding methods

List of approvals (ETA)

04 Building Envelope



  • Fašades

Insulation composite elements

  • Insulation composite elements are prefabricated insulating building components which are attached to the load-bearing wall on the outside for weather protection.

  • Exterior wall claddings

  • Facade systems, consisting of a cladding, its fixing and a substructure, where applicable. If there is a thermal insulation, this is attached to the building directly, independently from the substructure.

    • Ventilated and non ventilated exterior wall claddings made of


    • organic materials


    • anorganic materials


    • composite materials


    • supporting boards with rendering or bonded cladding panels
    • Load-bearing plastics

    Translucent elements (skylights etc.)

    • Translucent elements are single or multi-skin, plane or curved plastic elements, which are part of the building envelope.

    • transluscent elements or systems for roofs

    • transluscent elements or systems for walls

    Sandwich panels

    • Sandwich panels are made up of a supporting core between plane, quasi-plane and/or trapezoid skin layers.

    • heat-insulating claddings with fire seperating function

    • heat-insulating roof units with fire seperating function

    Membrane structures

    • Membrane structures are made up of an membrane with joints (e.g. seams) and connections (e.g. weltings).

    • load-bearing membrane structures without load-bearing substructures made of fabric

    • spacial load-bearing structures made of films

    Swimming pools

    • Swimming pools made up of platistc elements, which are joined by means of later flanges, and a flange for fixing on the ground.

    • glass fibre reinforced swimming pool elements

    Water slides

    • Water slides of any length and height, which are assembled from prefabricated slide-elements

    • glass fibre reinforced water slide elements

    Strengthening of timber components

    • Strengthening of timber components for repair of defective parts with reaction resin concrete, reaction resin mortar or bars of unsaturated polyester resin in order to reinforce the reaction resin concrete and to connect the timber components to the ajacent building components.

    • Methods for the repair of load-bearing timber structures

    Adhesive bonding

    • Adhesive bonding to force-fit two building components together


      • bonded claddings
    • Glass-concrete composites

    • Adhesive bonding of prefabricated concrete building elements

    Metal plastic composite profiles

    • Metal plastic composite profiles are made up of plastic connectors (barrier boxes) between metal profiles. The barrier boxes are used for the load transfer, building up a composite section with the metal profiles.

    • thermal seperated roof girder


    • Polymer-concrete with binder, mostly synthetic (e.g. polymethyl methacrylate)

    • reinforced balcony plates