Section II 4

Health protection, Indoor hygiene, Building chemistry

Coordination and questions of principles,
Evaluation of effects of construction products on indoor air, chemical questions, floor coverings


► Detailed information about the fields of activity

Latest news

LCI list (Last updated: 2015)

Prüfplan für Beschichtungs- und Einhausungssysteme zur Sanierung Pentachlorphenol (PCP)-belasteter Holzbauteile (Stand: Januar 2006)

Health evaluated construction products - a short description of the background

Information about ADAM (AgBB/DIBt assessment mask)


Grundsätze Teil I und II: Grundsätze zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Bauprodukten in Innenräumen

Grundsätze Teil III: Bewertungskonzepte für spezielle Bauprodukte: Beschichtungen für Parkette und Holzfußböden

Break-off criteria for emission tests in the framework of approval tests for the health assessment of construction products used in interiors (February 2014)

Guidance on the sampling of construction products for the emission test


Application form for a

  • national technical approval
  • national technical approval including a general construction technique permission
  • construction technique permission

Amending, supplementing or renewing a national technical approval or general construction technique permission

Form parquet

Form surfaces for sports areas

Form coating for parquet and wood flooring

FAQ approval procedure





Amendments / Supplements

List of approvals (abZ)

150 Combined flooring systems
154 Sportbodensysteme
155 Adhesives
156 Floor coverings
157 Coatings for floor coverings
158 Underlay
159 Decorative wall coverings

List of approvals (ETA)



  • Health protection, Indoor hygiene 

Evaluation of construction products with regard to health protection

  • all building products

  • Coordination and questions of principles

Development and implementation of evaluation criterias concerning national and European fields of interest

  • all building products

  • Chemical questions

Interdisciplinary treatment of chemical questions in the field of approvals

  • all building products

  • Floorings

Approval for floorings used in interiors

  • textile floorings

  • rubber floorings

  • PVC floorings

  • linoleum floorings

  • floor coatings

  • parquet and wood flooring, laminate

  • polyurethane floorings

  • polyolefin floorings

  • as well as the respective adhesives for the floorings