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European standardisation, EOTA, UEAtc

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Latest news

Herr Matthias Springborn – Leiter des Referats Europäische Normung, EOTA, UEAtc – wurde im Herbst 2015 erneut zum Vize-Präsidenten und Vorsitzenden der Technical Commission der Europäischen Union für das Agrément im Bauwesen (UEAtc) gewählt.


Construction Products Directive, Construction Products Regulation; general technical questions referring to EU harmonization with effects on construction products

Further tasks in this field:

Assessment of European Commission documents, organisation, coordination and preparation of comments thereon and of related national decision-making processes; cooperation in the Preparatory committee (Vorbereitender Ausschuss) and the Mandate coordination group (Koordinierungskreis Mandate)

Coordination of mirroring and review activities in relation to harmonised standards

Further tasks in this field:

Coordination of comments prepared by ARGEBAU experts on European standardisation; preperation of documents on European harmonisation and its implementation; coordination of the exchange of information and experience between representatives of regulatory bodies concerned with European harmonisation; liaising with the federal ministry departments concerned, CEN and the European Commission; provision of reference documents

General questions concerning European Assessment Documents (EADs) and European Technical Assessments (ETAs); coordination of ETA activities

Further activities in this field:

Coordination of the preparation of European Assessment Documents; promotion of European Technical Assessment activities; coordination of DIBt comments on draft European Assessment Documents and draft ETAs issued by other EOTA members

General technical questions concerning UEAtc; coordination of national technical approval procedures within the UEAtc framework

Further tasks in this field:

Coordination of confirmation procedures (recognition of tests carried out within the framework of an approval procedure conducted by another UEAtc member state); coordination of Euro Agrément procedures (multi-lateral confirmation procedures); participation in UEAtc working groups


General technical questions concerning WFTAO

Further tasks in this field:

As a member of WFTAO, DIBt can facilitate access to non-EEA markets for German manufacturers as one of the aims of WFTAO is to work towards mutual recognition as an additional service for manufacturers.