Approvals for contruction products and types of construction

As German approval body Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) grants allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassungen ('national technical approvals') for construction products and types of construction; it also grants European technical approvals (ETA) for construction products and kits.
Every year approx. 3000 national technical approvals are granted. At European level DIBt is competing with the European approval bodies and it takes a leading position when granting European technical approvals. The institute is working for companies which have their product markets in Germany, in Europe as well as internationally.

In the scope of application of the Landesbauordnungen ('Building Regulations of the Land') allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassungen ('national technical approvals') are granted for such construction products and types of construction for which there are no generally acknowledged rules of technology, DIN standards in particular, or which deviate considerably from these. They are reliable verifications of applicability of construction products and verifications of applicability of types of construction relating to requirements of construction works in the field of construction engineering.

European technical approvals are granted for construction products within the sphere of application of the Bauproduktengesetz ('Construction Products Law'); they reliably document the fitness for use of a construction product.

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The legal bases of DIBt

Further important information about the procedures for national approvals (abZ, allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung) and European Technical Approvals (ETA).

The category Service/Order Service for granted approvals contains a database with all presently valid approvals granted by DIBt.

The graphics posted here give a quick overview of the course of action of an approval procedure in principle (national/European).