Construction Products Lists (Bauregellisten - BRL)

The Building Codes of the German federal states (Landesbauordnungen) stipulate that the technical rules introduced by publication by the highest construction supervision authorities of the German federal states (Länder) must be observed.

One of the tasks of DIBt is to compile the technical rules for construction products and types of construction in different lists, called Construction Products Lists A and B (Bauregellisten A und B) as well as List C (Liste C). 
DIBt is also mandated to publish these lists in agreement with the highest construction supervision authorities of the Länder.

The Lists are revised annually and DIBt publishes them on its website and in the Official DIBt bulletin (Amtliche Mitteilungen). A printed version can be purchased from Beuth-Verlag.


Amendments and additions to the lists are published in a draft version during the objection period.

The stakeholders are invited to comment within a 3-month period from the publication of the draft. The exact deadlines will be clearly communicated on the DIBt website and in the DIBt Official Bulletin (Amtliche Mitteilungen).

A printed version of the draft can be obtained from DIBt. Please contact Ms Semrau at DIBt, Kolonnenstr. 30 B, 10829 Berlin, Phone: +49 30 787 30 353.

Bauregelliste A Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

  • Bauregelliste A Part 1
    In Bauregelliste A Part 1 the construction products are published where technical rules exist (regulated construction products), the rules themselves, the required attestation of conformity and in case of deviations the necessary verifications of applicability.

  • Bauregelliste A Part 2
    Bauregelliste A Part 2 applies to not regulated construction products which do not serve to fulfill considerable requirements of the safety of construction works and where generally acknowledged rules of technology do not exist either or which will be evaluated according to generally recognized test methods.

  • Bauregelliste A Part 3
    Bauregelliste A Part 3 applies to not regulated types of construction accordingly.

Bauregelliste B Part 1 and Part 2

Those construction products are included in Bauregelliste B which, according to the provisions of the Member States of the EU (German provisions included) and the contracting states of the Agreement establishing the European Economic Area to transpose EU Directives, may be placed on the market and traded and those which have the CE marking.

  • Bauregelliste B Part 1
    The Bauregelliste B Part 1 is reserved for products which are placed on the market based on the Bauproduktengesetz ('Construction Products Law'), where technical specifications and depending on the intended use classes and performance levels exist. In addition, the application standards and regulations for the construction products and kits in accordance with technical specifications (hEN, ETAG and ETA) according to the Construction Products Directive are given in the list of Technische Baubestimmungen ('Technical constructions regulations').

  • Bauregelliste B Part 2
    Bauregelliste B Part 2 contains construction products which are placed on the market in accordance with provisions transposing EC directives, bear a CE marking and do not meet the essential requirements in accordance with Article 3(1) of the Construction Products Regulation. Therefore, additional proofs of fitness for use are necessary.  

List C

List C includes construction products which are not regulated, where neither Technische Baubestimmmungen ('Technical constructions regulations') nor rules of technology exist and where fulfillment of requirements in the field of building law only play a minor role.