Harmonised standards and European Assessment Documents (EADs) as the sole basis for CE marking

Harmonised technical specifications
The Construction Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 305/2011) provides that "harmonised technical specifications" are the sole basis for CE marking construction products. There are two forms of harmonised technical specifications: harmonised European standards (hENs) and European Assessment Documents (EADs).

Overview of harmonised European standards
The list on the right side provides and overview of the harmonised European standards published in the Official Journal of the European Union, including coexistence periods.

Overview of existing European Assessment Documents (EADs)
Finalised European Assessment Documents (EADs) which have served as a basis for at least one European Technical Assessment (ETA) are published on the EOTA website. The references of the EADs are published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

EU legislation
The Construction Products Regulation forms the legal basis for the harmonised technical specifications (see Articles 17 and 19 in particular).

Particularities of harmonised standards in the field of construction
For harmonised standards under the Construction Products Regulation, only the provisions contained in or referenced in Annex ZA are considered to transpose the European Commission mandates. As a result, only these provisions are relevant for the CE marking of the respective products.

When applying the CE marking ...
Please be aware that products which fall mainly within the scope of other harmonisation provisions, such as the Machinery Directive or the Gas Appliances Directive, need to be CE marked in accordance with these provisions. This said, they also need to comply with the provisions set out in the Construction Products Regulation. In fact, by affixing the CE marking the manufacturer declares that his product meets all requirements resulting from EU legislation.