National technical approval (abZ)

If you wish to use your construction product Germany-wide with a national technical approval, DIBt – the German approval body for non-regulated construction products – is your single point of contact. Our experts will guide you step by step through the procedure – from application to approval.

National technical approvals (abZ) are the most common form of national verification of fitness for use for construction products. DIBt started granting them as early as 1968.

The abZ regulates those properties of the construction product that are of regulatory relevance as well as the fields of use and aspects related to processing, transport, storage, marking and confirmation of conformity. A construction technique permit may be included in the abZ if assembly, planning, design and execution are relevant for safe application ('combined decision').

It all starts with the application

To prepare a national technical approval for you or amend, supplement or renew an existing one, we need an application from you. You are welcome to use the application forms we have prepared for this purpose. They include all the information we need from you in the first step.

Please make sure your application documents are complete and correct! This will make processing easier and accelerate the procedure.

The road to an approval

Meeting between the applicant and the relevant Section

After we have received your application, a specialist will review your documents and request any additional information we may need. You will have the opportunity to discuss open technical or procedural questions with us by phone, email or – if you prefer – in a face-to-face meeting.

Once we have received all the necessary information we will determine which tests and verifications are needed for your construction product. We will develop an individual test plan for your construction product and recommend competent test laboratories. You will commission the tests directly with the service provider. The test results need to be forwarded to us. If the verification results are positive, we will grant the requested national technical approval.

Processing time

The processing time varies according to the product complexity and the required tests. Submit your application documents – especially for a first-time approval – as early as possible. Applications for renewal should be handed in at least six months before the existing approval expires.

Good coordination with DIBt, and especially the submission of all required documents, will ensure rapid processing.

Period of validity and fee

An abZ is usually granted for a five-year period and can be extended by another five years (renewable) upon application. Depending on the product, DIBt charges different fees for the approval procedure. In accordance with the current DIBt Statutes, the fees lie between 500 euros and 30,000 euros – depending on the work load involved. Expenses for tests and third-party costs are not included. We will inform you of the estimated fee of your approval project in the application confirmation. This estimate is based on the submitted documents and the hourly rate applicable at the time of application.


Working with DIBt – Your benefits

  • Comprehensive consultation and support
  • Individual applicant meeting (upon request)
  • You have several applications currently being processed? Please feel free to tell us how we should prioritise them. We will process them accordingly.
  • Selection of test laboratories: DIBt does not perform testing itself. Usually you have a choice between several service providers.
  • Product development: potential for further product improvement is often uncovered during the approval procedure. Don't hesitate to talk to us!