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Polymer-modified bitumen thick coatings

Polymer-modified bitumen thick coatings are used for waterproofing elements in contact with soil.

Regulatory framework

Polymer-modified bitumen thick coatings can be marketed based on the respective declarations of performance in accordance with EN 15814. For their use, the provisions set out in MVV TB, Section B 2 apply.

Waterproofing of connection joints to a waterproof element using polymer-modified bitumen thick coatings is subject to a national technical test certificate (abP), cf. MVV TB, Section C 4. National technical test certificates are issued by testing laboratories officially recognised for this purpose, as listed in the Directory of recognised testing laboratories, inspection and certification bodies (PÜZ-Verzeichnis, see column on the right). The testing laboratories also carry out the corresponding testing and external surveillance. Please submit your application directly to a qualified testing laboratory.

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