General Policy and Expert Committees

General Policy Committees

The general policy committees advise DIBt on general, interdisciplinary technical and legal questions. At the moment, DIBt has three general policy committees:

  • General Policy Committee for horizontal questions concerning verification of fitness for use (GA 1)

  • General Policy Committee advising the Institute on matters of immission control, health protection and occupational safety (GA 2)

  • General Policy Committee advising the Institute on matters of water and soil protection (GA 3)

Expert Committees

For questions relating to the assessment of construction products and techniques, DIBt can rely on the technical and legal knowledge of a unique network.

Nearly 570 honorary experts from academia, the industry and administration support DIBt in some 50 expert committees and subcommittees in different specialty areas. The committees cover all aspects of civil engineering, from concrete, metal, composite, masonry and timber construction, earthworks, anchors and fixings, glass, plastics, sewage technology and building services to water protection and sealings, fire safety, sound and thermal insulation as well as health and environmental protection.

Other expert committees address questions related to the recognition of test, inspection and certification bodies.

The honorary experts are appointed by the Supervisory Board

Product innovations today are often highly complex and can only be assessed on the basis of interdisciplinary knowledge. Being able to draw on the vast technical expertise of renowned specialists is thus a big advantage for DIBt, its customers and partners. Its one-of-a-kind expert network, combining a wealth of practical and scientific experience, allows DIBt to offer its partners optimal approval and assessment solutions for construction products and techniques.