Department III – Building Physics, Technical Building Equipment

Department III covers the entire spectrum of building physics – from structural and system-based fire protection to thermal and sound insulation – and the multifaceted field of building services. Seven sections address the regulatory concerns in this area using their wealth of expertise.

In addition, Department III coordinates the granting of project-related approvals (ZiE) and project-related construction technique permits (vBG) for the state of Berlin.

Section III 1 – Thermal and Sound Insulation

Frank Iffländer
Head of Section – Thermal and Sound Insulation

Phone +49 30 78730-287
Email fif(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Thermal insulation and protection against noise

  • Thermal and sound insulation products
    • insulation products made from renewable resources, e.g. cotton, flax, hemp, cellulose, sheep wool, grain pellets
    • inorganic insulation products, e.g. foam glass, expanded perlite, expanded clay, calcium silicate, vermiculite
    • impact sound insulation products
  • Application of thermal insulation products
    • perimeter protection, e.g. against groundwater
    • thermal insulation under foundation slabs transferring loads into the ground
    • inverted roofs, e.g. green roofs, carpark roofs
    • PUR spray roof insulation
    • core insulation (backfill materials and others)
  • Horizontal assessment of questions relating to thermal and sound insulation as well as energy performance
    • skylights
    • sandwich panels
    • ETICS
    • wall construction techniques
    • glazing

Section III 2 – Fire Protection of Ventilation and Duct Systems

Juliane Valerius
Head of Section – Fire Protection of Ventilation Systems

Phone +49 30 78730-350
Email jva(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Fire protection of ventilation systems

  • Fire protection systems
  • Shut-off devices
    • fire dampers in ventilation ducts
    • shut-off devices in ventilation systems
  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems
    • smoke dampers for ventilation ducts
    • smoke extraction ventilators
  • Fire safety of electric panels

Section III 3 – Resistance to Fire of Walls, Ceilings and Special Constructions

Heidrun Bombach
Head of Section – Resistance to Fire of Walls, Ceilings and Special Constructions

Phone +49 30 78730-355
Email hbm(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Resistance to fire of building components

  • Fire-resistant glazing
  • Fire-resistant partitions with opaque and glazed surfaces
  • Fire-resistant walls and partitions
  • Fire-resistant ceilings
  • Fire-resistant wall and ceiling systems (escape tunnels)
  • Modular construction techniques
  • Fire-resistant mobile partitions
  • Fire-resistant components made of sandwich panels
  • Special constructions
  • Other fire-resistant components
  • Fire-resistant seals for inspection openings
  • Construction products for sealing openings for electrical services in fire-resistant building components

Fire design

Section III 4 – Reaction to Fire of Building Materials, Fire Protective Coatings

Otto Fechner
Head of Section – Reaction to Fire of Building Materials, Fire Protective Coatings

Phone +49 30 78730-207
Email ofe(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Fire performance of construction materials (including roofs), generation and spread of fire

  • Reaction to fire of construction materials
  • Horizontal assessment of construction products and techniques with regard to reaction to fire (including roofs); classification of fire behaviour in accordance with DIN 4102-1 or DIN EN 13501-1  / DIN 4102-7 or DIN EN 13501-5 respectively, e.g.:
    • claddings
    • floorings
    • skylights
    • insulation products
    • sandwich panels
    • external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)

Fire-protective coatings and claddings

  • Intumescent products
  • Ablation coating materials
  • Reactive coatings for fire protection of steel elements
  • Renders and render systems intended for fire-resistant applications

Section III 5 – Combustion Appliances, Chimneys, Building Services

Ronny Schmidt
Head of Section – Combustion Appliances, Chimneys, Building Services

Phone +49 30 78730-473
Email rsi(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Ventilation technology

  • Ventilation systems and accessories
  • Safety equipment for the combined operation of ventilation systems and non-room-sealed fireplaces

Combustion appliances

  • House chimneys
  • Exhaust gas ducts
  • Combined air/exhaust gas systems
  • Materials and accessories for combustion appliances
  • Dust separators and filters
  • Catalysts
  • Fireplaces
  • Materials and accessories for fireplaces
  • Heat exchangers

Sewage technology

  • Sewers, access chambers and fittings
  • Linings and lining techniques, including
    • flooding
    • hose-lining
    • filling and grouting
    • short-pipe relining
    • lining of short and long pipes
    • winder-pipe lining
    • rehabilitation techniques using rigid components (e.g. pipes, segments, shells)
    • lining with dimpled sheets
    • burst-lining
    • surface coating, e.g. for access chambers
    • inlet pipe rehabilitation, e.g. top-hat profile technology
  • Sealants and adhesives
  • Connectors
  • Negative pressure drainage systems
  • Waterless urinals
  • Underground sewage retention and infiltration elements

Section III 6 – Fire Protection of Service Installations, Cable and Pipe Penetration Seals

N. N.
Head of Section – Fire Protection of Service Installations, Cable and Pipe Penetration Seals

Phone +49 30 78730-218
Email khn(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Cable penetration seals, mixed penetration seals

  • Penetration seals of fire-resistance classes S 30 to S 120 or El 30 to El 120
    • for cables or mixed installations of cables and pipes
    • for conductor rails, e.g. using special fire protection blocks

Pipe penetration seals

  • Penetration seals of fire resistance classes R 30 to R 120 or El 30 to El 120
    • for pipes, e.g. mechanic penetration seals, pipe collars, pipe wrappings and others
    • for pipes connected with floor drains or roof outlets, e.g. using fire-proofing insertions

Section III 7 – Fire Protection of Closures; Accessories and Hold Open Devices

Sylvia Panneck
Head of Section (acting) – Fire Protection of Closures; Accessories and Hold Open Devices

Phone +49 30 78730-472
Email spa(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

  • Fire and/or smoke control doors, shutters and other closures
  • Closures for conveyor systems
  • Fire resistant closure of special construction technique and application
  • Hold open devices for fire and/or smoke control closures
  • Accessories