Building research

Building research

Concrete being tested in a lab

The German federal states provide approx. 1 million euros per year for the study of civil engineering questions of general regulatory concern – via the Conference of Construction Ministers.

The research is focussed on the safety of the built environment. For this purpose, construction products and construction techniques are considered in terms of their contribution to the fulfilment of the basic works requirements: stability, safety in case of fire, health and environmental protection, safety and accessibility in use, protection against noise and energy efficiency.

As a centre of excellence in construction, DIBt manages these research funds on behalf of the federal states. The institute initiates, awards, supervises and evaluates technical studies and building research contracts. The aim of the research projects is to provide a scientific foundation for the development of technical rules and provisions and for regulatory decision-making in general. The funded projects thus serve to determine suitable benchmarks and assessment methods.

Completed building research projects since 1998 (in German).