Public notice of national technical approvals (abZ), national construction technique permits (aBG) and European Technical Assessments (ETA) by subject and main content

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    Overview of currently valid European Technical Assessments issued by DIBt

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    • DIBt is required to make national technical approvals (abZ), general construction technique permits (aBG), European Technical Assessments and approvals (ETA) available to the public by subject and main content.
    • The public notice is issued in electronic form. Through our print-on-demand service, you can obtain a paper copy of the desired notice for a fee in accordance with § 4 of our Statutes. Please send your request to: bibliothek(at)dibt(.)de
    • To access the public notice, click on the decision number in the listing.
    • You can download the full text of the decisions in our approval shop or on the website of Fraunhofer Information Center for Regional Planning and Building Construction (German).

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