Department I

Department I – Structural Engineering

Department I reunites all structural engineering sections and the Structural Design Control Authority.

From earth work and foundation engineering to mass wall, metal, timber, masonry and glass construction, from reinforcement and fixings to facades and load-bearing plastics, from structural design approvals to topics such as safety theory, fire and seismic design – structural design is our focus in Department I. Come rain, hail or snow, structures in Germany are safe, not least thanks to the approval and assessment work of DIBt.

Dr Lars Eckfeldt

Dr Lars Eckfeldt
Head of Section – Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Construction, Prestressed Concrete Construction

Phone +49 30 78730-363
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Fields of Activity

Concrete and reinforced concrete

  • Construction techniques for walls
  • Construction techniques for floors
    • solid concrete slabs
    • voided slabs
  • Reinforcing elements
    • punching shear reinforcement
    • lattice girders
    • steel supports for concrete members
  • Special designs
    • knife-edge bearings
    • spun concrete poles and masts

Prestressed concrete

  • Prestressing techniques
    • bonded post-tensioning
    • internal unbonded post-tensioning
    • external post-tensioning
    • in situ grouts and temporary corrosion protection
    • cable-stay techniques
  • Construction techniques for prestressed floors
    • prestressed hollow core slabs
    • prestressed floors made of precast elements and in situ concrete
    • prestressed floors with structural concrete overlay

Steel-fibre reinforced concrete

Strengthening of concrete members

  • Steel plates / CFRP strips
    • strengthening with externally bonded steel plates
    • strengthening with externally bonded carbon fibre reinforced polymer strips (CFRP strips)
    • strengthening with CFRP strips bonded into slits
  • CF sheets
    • strengthening of tanks with laminated carbon fibre sheets
  • Textile-reinforced concrete
    • strengthening with textile-reinforced concrete

Beatrix Wittstock

Beatrix Wittstock
Head of Section – Fastening and Reinforcing Techniques, Stairs

Phone +49 30 78730-267
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Fields of Activity

Anchorages and fixings for use in concrete and masonry

  • Metal fasteners
  • Bonded fasteners
  • Plastic fasteners
  • Special fasteners
  • Powder actuated fasteners
  • Anchor channels
  • Headed bolts, headed studs
  • Scaffold anchors
  • Wire rope loop systems

Reinforcing steel and couplings for reinforcing steel

Slab connectors, stair connectors, shear dowels


  • Stair systems
  • Individual components for staircases

Andreas Schult

Andreas Schult
Head of Section – Bearings, Glass Construction, Scaffolds, Racking Systems

Phone +49 30 78730-252
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Fields of Activity


    • Bridge bearings
    • Bearings in building construction
    • Vibration isolation of buildings

    Special structures

    • Scaffolds and scaffold components
    • Free-standing chimneys
    • Towers and masts
    • Temporary structures

    Glass in construction

    Racking systems

    Portrait photo of Petra Schröder

    Petra Schröder
    Head of Section – Concrete Technology

    Phone +49 30 78730-361
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    Fields of Activity

    Concrete technology

    • Concrete constituents
      • binders
      • admixtures
      • additives/additions
      • fibres
      • aggregates
    • Special concretes and mortars
      • mass concrete
      • grouting mortars/concretes
      • reaction resin mortars
      • other special concretes

    Repair and strengthening of concrete structures

    • protective measures for trafficable concrete surfaces
    • repair products with special properties

    Fibre cement with non-metallic fibres

    • Construction products and members
      • fibre cement flat sheet kits
      • fibre cement profiled sheet kits
      • special boards

      Anja Dewitt

      Anja Dewitt
      Head of Section – Timber Construction

      Phone +49 30 78730-317
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      Fields of Activity

      Timber construction

      • Timber construction and timber products
        • solid timber
        • modified timber
        • finger-jointed solid timber
        • glued solid timber, glued laminated timber
        • cross laminated timber
        • laminated veneer timber
        • hybrid elements
        • wood-based stressed skin panels
        • mechanically jointed timber elements (e.g. using fasteners)
        • particle boards (organic and mineral)
        • OSB boards
        • plywood
        • solid wood panels
        • fibre boards (organic)
        • gypsum boards
        • solid timber beams
        • I-beams
        • panel construction
        • formwork beams
      • Timber fasteners
        • dowel-type fasteners: nails, screws and staples
        • carpentry joints
        • punched metal plate fasteners
        • plane steel plates
        • three-dimensional fasteners, nailing plates
        • other fasteners
      • Composite systems
        • wood-concrete composite systems
      • Adhesives and glued connections
        • adhesives for load-bearing timber elements
        • adhesives for structural glued connections
        • adhesives for repair of timber elements
        • glued-in fasteners
        • screw-press bonding
      • Moisture-variable diffusion-inhibiting layers

      Wood preservation

      • Preventive wood preservatives without biocides
      • Curative wood preservatives without biocides

      Non-load-bearing internal partitions

      Bettina Hemme
      Head of Section – Masonry, Earth Work and Foundation Engineering, Waterproofing of Buildings

      Phone +49 30 78730-322
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      Fields of Activity


      • Masonry units and bricks
      • Masonry mortars
      • Prefabricated masonry wall elements
      • Construction techniques with shuttering blocks
      • Dry masonry
      • Reinforced masonry
      • Lintels
      • Accessories

      Earth work and foundation engineering

      • Ground anchors
      • Soil nailing
      • Piles
      • Pile couplers
      • Soil injections
      • Deep-mixing (mixed-in-place)
      • Soil reinforced with geotextiles

      Waterproofing of buildings

      • Waterproofing of buildings and roofs
        • bitumen sheets, plastic sheets, elastomeric sheets
        • liquid applied products such as polymer-modified bituminous thick coatings, mineral sealing slurries, dispersions and reaction resins
      • Construction techniques comprising pre-applied flexible sheets that fully bond to the in situ concrete
      • Sealing of joints and transitions for waterproof concrete members
        • coated and uncoated metal joint sheets
        • injection hose systems
        • plastic and elastomeric joint sealing tapes, exterior and interior
        • transitions with adhesive properties
        • transitions with built-in parts
      • Waterproofing of bridge decks
        • bitumen sheets
        • liquid applied products on the basis of reaction resins
      • Expansion joints for bridges

      Renée Kamanzi-Fechner

      Renée Kamanzi-Fechner
      Head of Section – Plastics Construction, Facades

      Phone +49 30 78730 -394
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      Fields of Activity


      • Exterior wall claddings
        • ventilated and non-ventilated exterior wall claddings made of organic, inorganic and/or composite materials
        • exterior wall claddings consisting of supporting boards with render or bonded cladding panels
      • Exterior wall claddings made of insulation composite elements
      • Metal plastic composite profiles
      • Translucent elements (skylights etc.)
        • translucent elements or systems for roofs
        • translucent elements or systems for walls
      • Sandwich panels
        • thermally insulating claddings with separating function
        • thermally insulating roof units with separating function

      Load-bearing plastics

      • Membrane structures
        • load-bearing membrane structures made of coated fabrics without load-bearing substructures
        • special load-bearing membrane structures made of films
      • Swimming pools
        • glass fibre reinforced swimming pool elements
      • Water slides
        • glass fibre reinforced water slide elements
      • Polymer concrete
        • polymer-concrete containing binders, mostly synthetic (e.g. polymethyl methacrylate)
        • reinforced balcony slabs
      • Adhesive bonding
        • adhesive bonding to force-fit two building components together
        • bonded claddings
        • glass-concrete composites
        • adhesive bonding of precast concrete elements
      • Strengthening and repair of timber structures
        • products and methods for the repair of timber structures

      Dr Ronald Schwuchow

      Dr Ronald Schwuchow
      Head of Section – Structural Design Control Authority, Metal Construction, Composite Construction

      Phone +49 30 78730 -274
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      Fields of Activity

      Granting structural design type approvals

      Coordination and general policy matters in the following areas:

      • stability and structural design
      • safety theory in construction
      • wind turbines (e.g. DIBt Guideline on Wind Turbines and related comments)
      • design loads and actions
      • seismic design
      • Eurocodes

      Evaluation and development of provisions for national technical approvals and European Technical Assessments concerning the resistance-to-fire of structures

      Steel and metal construction

      • Steel construction
        • anchor devices for personal fall protection systems
        • bulk containers
        • connectors
        • steel framing, space frames
        • tension members
      • Light metal construction
        • cold rolled steel girders
        • profiled sheets
        • suspended metal ceilings
      • Connections and connectors

      Materials for metal construction

      • Metallic products and components made of
        • stainless steel
        • thermomechanically rolled fine-grained steel
        • creep-resistant steels
      • Welding
        • prefabricated steel and aluminium elements
        • construction products welded using special methods
      • Corrosion protection

      Composite construction

      • Composite components
        • composite floors
        • composite columns
        • composite girders
      • Shear connectors