Project-related approval (ZiE) and project-related construction technique permit (vBG) for Berlin

If you wish to use a non-regulated construction product for just one building project, you can apply for a project-related approval rather than a national technical approval. Analogously, a project-related construction technique permit can be granted for a non-regulated construction technique.

As of 1 October 2018, DIBt issues project-related approvals (ZiE) and project-related construction technique permits (vBG) for the state of Berlin in accordance with Sections 20 and 16a of the Berlin Building Code (BauO Bln). The Institute may also grant a waiver of such verification for Berlin.

Applying for a project-related approval or construction technique permit for Berlin

Please submit your application for a project-related approval of a construction product or a project-related construction technique related for Berlin directly to DIBt at:

Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik
Department III 
Ms Helmstädt
Kolonnenstr. 30 B
10829 Berlin

Phone.: +49 (0)30/78730-447
Fax: +49 (0)30/78730-11447
Email: phe(at)dibt(.)de

Application and information sheet in German

The road to a project-related approval (ZiE) or construction technique permit (vBG) for Berlin

After we have received your application, we will review your documents and request any additional information we may need. You will have the opportunity to discuss open technical or procedural questions with us.

Once we have received all the necessary information, we will let you know which tests and verifications are needed for your construction product or construction technique. You will have to commission these services yourself. The test results need to be forwarded to us. If all requirements have been met, we will issue the requested project-related approval or construction technique permit.

Scope of validity

As the name suggests, the project-related approval or construction technique permit only applies to one particular building project. If the product or construction technique is to be used again, a new application must be submitted. Existing test results and verifications can be recognised if they continue to comply with the state of the art and are applicable to the new project. In the case of multiple use, we recommend that you apply for a national technical approval (abZ) for the construction product and/or a general construction technique permit (aBG).


Processing time and fees

The processing time and fees are based especially on the complexity of the product or the construction technique. Please contact us as early as possible. We will usually indicate the estimated fee for your project-related approval or construction technique permit when we confirm your application.