Technical Building Rules

The planning, design and execution of construction works and the use of construction products are regulated in Germany in the Building Codes of the federal states. These contain general and material requirements as well as procedural rules. For further specification, they refer to the Technical Building Rules. These break down the general requirements of the Building Codes – for example, by reference to the relevant technical rules.

Building Codes, Model Building Code and Technical Building Rules – an overview

In Germany there are 16 State Building Codes, which are based on a common model – the Model Building Code. The Model Building Code was amended in 2016 (MBO 2016).

In the course of the revision, the technical rules for construction and construction products were amended and merged into one document, the

  • Model Administrative Provisions – Technical Building Rules (MVV TB)

    Parts A and B of the MVV TB essentially contain provisions for the planning, design and execution of construction works.

    Part C comprises the provisions for the use of construction products that do not bear the CE marking in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 305/2011). This part also includes provisions on construction products and construction techniques for which a national technical test certificate is required.

    Part D provides information on construction products for which no verification of fitness for use is required. In addition, this part contains rules on voluntary manufacturer information regarding essential characteristics of harmonised construction products which are not covered by the CE marking of the underlying technical specification.

For the time being, the Model Administrative Provisions – Technical Building Rules are available in German language only.

Content of the MVV TB

Which Technical Building Rules apply where and to what?

As a rule, the provisions of the federal state in which the construction project is carried out apply to its planning, design and execution. Construction products are subject to the provisions of the state in which the manufacturer has its place of business. Foreign manufacturers without a representation in Germany are subject to the provisions of the state of Berlin.

All provisions designated as "model" are not directly applicable, but must first be transposed into federal state law. This can be done in different ways: Some states have included a reference to the model in their Building Codes. Others refer to the model, however with adjustments. Still others pass their own state provisions based on the model.

MVV TB – What is the state of implementation?

The federal states are still in the process of implementing the Model Building Code 2016 and the Model Administrative Provisions – Technical Building Rules. For the sake of consistency, however, all federal states have agreed to tolerate the use of the MVV TB. DIBt recommends the application of the MVV TB provisions. In any case, the provisions must be applied consistently.

Information on the state of implementation available in German only

Technical Building Rules

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