Approvals, ETAs and more

As the German approval and assessment body, DIBt is your central point of contact for regulatory questions related to construction products and construction techniques. DIBt issues national technical approvals for construction products, general construction technique permits, European Technical Assessments and evaluations of compliance with regulatory requirements for construction works. We issue more than 3300 national decisions and European Technical Assessments each year.

What it's all about …
Construction is a matter of public interest in that it affects the lives and health of people as well as the environment. The safety of construction works can only be guaranteed if reliable and suitable construction products and techniques are used. In some cases, verifications of fitness for use and/or application in accordance with national law are required. These may, however, be replaced by other ways of providing verification to the building authorities.

Overview of verifications issued by DIBt

National technical approval (abZ)

Sample of a national technical approval (abZ)

National technical approvals (abZ) are the most common form of national verification of fitness for use for construction products. DIBt has been granting them since 1968. The abZ regulates those properties of the construction product that are of regulatory relevance as well as the fields of use and aspects related to processing, transport, storage, marking and confirmation of conformity.

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General construction technique permit (aBG)

Sample of a general construction technique permit (aBG)

The Building Codes of the federal states aim at ensuring the safety of construction works. This may require regulating not only product characteristics, but also the assembly of construction products to form construction works. This is the case, for example, when important functions of the construction works result from the interplay between different construction products.

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Project-related approval (ZiE) and project-related construction technique permit (vBG) for Berlin

If you wish to use a non-regulated construction product for just one building project, you can apply for a project-related approval rather than a national technical approval. Analogously, a project-related construction technique permit can be granted for a non-regulated construction technique.

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European Technical Assessment (ETA)

Sample of an European Technical Assessment (ETA)

You wish to market your product all across Europe? Then a European Technical Assessment (ETA) may be the best option for you. The ETA is a product performance assessment that leads to CE marking. It allows you to market your construction product in the entire European Economic Area, Switzerland and Turkey. An ETA request can be submitted for any construction product that is not or not fully covered by a harmonised standard.

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DIBt evaluations

Upon request, DIBt validates information on the performance of CE-marked construction products, which the manufacturer wishes to provide on a voluntary basis, e.g. when this information cannot be declared under the existing harmonised technical specifications. In the evaluation, DIBt confirms compliance with national requirements for construction works after installation of the product.

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