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28 September 2020

The ETA route creates added value for the entire construction sector

This is the result of an independent study carried out by the Centre for Industrial Studies (CSIL) on behalf of the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA). For the study, the Milan-based research institute specialised in internal market studies questioned 244 manufacturers and 44 European business associations. DIBt shared the call for survey participation on its website in April 2020.

The results of the study „EADs and ETAs: Added value to the construction industry” have now been published on the EOTA website. Here are some interesting findings and insights from the study:

86 % of the manufacturers and associations questioned believe that the ETA route provides added value to the entire construction sector. 72 % of the manufacturers saw an immediate added value for their companies. If you count in the enterprises  that „partly“ saw benefits for their own companies, this share even rises to 85%.

In addition, companies of all sizes largely agreed to the statements below. SMEs highlighted, in particular, that the ETA was important to them as a recognised brand they can use in their marketing, helping them to increase their market share.


Positive response rate among manufacturers

The ETA is useful as a recognised brand we can use in our marketing.

87 %

The ETA allows our company to increase its sales level.

79 %

The ETA allows our company to increase its market share.

79 %

The ETA completely or largely allows our company to improve its reputation.


The market actors also pointed out that the high standing of the ETA both within and beyond the EU was a definite advantage of the ETA route. Having the ETA route as an alternative in the absence of a harmonised standard is welcomed by 83 % of the manufacturers and business associations. The existence of the ETA route gives manufacturers the confidence to be able to place product innovations on the internal market whenever they wish to.

Urgently requested – more use-related information

The respondents were also asked to indicate how the ETA route could be improved. Two items known from earlier years came top of the list: first, the timeliness of the procedure, including the citation of EADs in the Official Journal of the European Union, and secondly, more information on the (fitness for) use of the construction products assessed.

Quality of service and technical expertise guide the manufacturers’ choice of a Technical Assessment Body 

A high-quality service and proven technical expertise in the product area concerned count among the main factors for manufacturers when they choose a Technical Assessment Body (TAB). The reputation of the TAB and a speedy service are also important criteria. DIBt can thus be proud to be among Europe’s leading TABs. The report specifically mentions that DIBt „has developed the largest number of EADs covering almost all the product areas“ and can rely on a particularly large, and highly specialised pool of experts.

Go to the EOTA website to read the Executive Summary and full study report

Note: This article uses additional source data from the survey that is not included in the study report.

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