DIBt evaluations

DIBt evaluations

In case of incomplete harmonised standards, manufacturers may – on a voluntary basis – provide information on product performance that is not covered by the standard in question. DIBt offers independent validation of additional performance information in the form of voluntary evaluations. 

Which harmonised standards are incomplete?

The harmonised standards (hEN) do not always provide all the performance information necessary for the assessment of safe use in accordance with the German requirements for construction works. The Priority List for the revision of deficient harmonised standards, compiled in consultation with the building authorities, provides an overview of the harmonised standards in question. It lists the references of the relevant standards and the uses concerned.

For the moment, the list is available in German language only.

If you wish to commission a DIBt evaluation, please feel free to use the form we have prepared for this purpose. You may also use this form for a preliminary enquiry. This way, we will have all the information we need.

When we receive the commissioning form, a specialist will check the documents submitted. If conclusive test results are missing, we will gladly advise you on which tests are needed for your product and which test laboratories are qualified to carry them out.

Upon successful completion of the necessary tests, we will confirm compliance with the legal requirements for construction works regarding the voluntary performance information you wish to provide.

The costs of an evaluation depend on the workload involved. The range has been fixed at 500 to 30,000 Euros as per our Statutes, excluding testing and third-party costs. For an individual cost estimate, we will require detailed information on the product and the regulatory aspects you wish to have evaluated. Feel free to use our commissioning form to submit this information.

Evaluations – when, where and for what purpose?

  • Applying for a European Technical Assessment (ETA) based on the Construction Products Regulation is in most cases an interesting alternative to an evaluation, even though the two documents have a completely different outlook. An ETA will allow you to market your product all across the EU. We are happy to advise you.
  • By contrast, DIBt evaluations offer a tailored solution for the use of certain harmonised construction products in Germany.
  • DIBt evaluations confirm compliance with the national requirements for construction works for such performance characteristics that cannot be declared via the harmonised standard.
  • With a DIBt evaluation, you provide building owners, planners and contractors with the certainty that your product meets the regulatory requirements for construction works in Germany.
  • DIBt evaluations are accepted by the building authorities and design review engineers.