Structural design type approval

Structural design type approval (Typenprüfung)

Officer affixing the review stamp to the structural type design approval

Have your structural design verified as a type

At DIBt, more than 100 qualified engineers are at your service. With regard to structural design, we verify mass wall, metal, timber, glass and plastic constructions as well as special constructions, such as scaffolds or tanks. The verifications are based on the Technical Building Rules (Technische Baubestimmungen), which set out the regulatory requirements for construction works in Germany. Our engineers use state-of-the-art verification techniques and soft- and hardware equipment.

When to apply for a structural design type approval...

You may wish to opt for a structural design type approval if you intend to use the same design in different places across Germany. The special advantage of the structural design type approval is that the structural design only needs to be verified once, and not every time it is used. In other words, the verified design is approved for multiple use.

Added value of structural design type approvals

  • Saving time and money: Once verified, the structural design type can be used as often as you wish. There will be no additional costs or delays for having the design verified again and again for each individual project.
  • Valid across Germany: The verified design may be used at various sites all across Germany.
  • Tailored to your needs: The structural design type approval can include several execution variants or subtypes. This will allow you to flexibly respond to local conditions (e.g. different snow or wind load zones) and always use the most cost-efficient design.
  • Easy-to-amend: The structural design type approval can be amended at any time to take into account additional sizes or changes in geometry, application etc.
  • Long period of validity: The structural design type evaluation report is valid for up to 5 years (renewable).
  • Facilitating communication and building trust: The essential features of the structural design can be summarised in a 'type sheet'. Approved type sheets facilitate communication among building professionals. The DIBt approval stamp attests to the safety of the structural design type and helps you win the trust of your customers.
  • Tapping into synergies: The Structural Design Control Authority at DIBt is part of the DIBt network. If your construction includes innovative components which need to be approved we will refer you to the competent product approval expert.

Next steps...

Talk to us or email us your documents for an individual quote and a first appraisal of your design type approval project.

To start the procedure, submit an informal request for a structural design type approval.