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Grout, corrosion protection systems

Grout is used for filling ducts for internal bonded tendons or sheaths for external tendons. It serves to establish a form and interference fit between the concrete and the prestressing wires and to provide corrosion protection.

Due to the high stresses, prestressing steels are especially susceptible to corrosion. Temporary or permanent corrosion protection measures serve to mitigate this risk.

Regulatory framework

DIBt grants national technical approvals (abZ) for grout and corrosion protection systems where the products significantly deviate from the applicable Technical Building Rules (cf., in particular, MVV TB, Part C 2).

DIBt grants general construction technique permits for construction techniques comprising grout and corrosion protection systems where they deviate from the applicable Technical Building Rules (cf., in particular, MVV TB, Part A 1).

The manufacture of cementitious grout and the grouting itself require special expertise and are subject to surveillance by a recognised inspection body (cf. Model Ordinance on the surveillance of activities involving construction products and construction techniques (MÜTVO)). You can find qualified bodies in the Directory of recognised testing laboratories, inspection and certification bodies (PÜZ-Verzeichnis) in the column on the right.

National procedure

A national technical approval (abZ) and/or oder general construction technique permit (aBG) is granted upon application (see Model Building Code (MBO), Sections 16a(2) and18(2) and (4)). This also applies to amendments and supplements to, or renewals of existing approvals and/or construction technique permits.

No formal requirements apply. The following information is needed: name and address of the applicant, description of the product and/or construction technique and its field of use or application, type of decision required (new decision, amendment or supplement to, or renewal of, an existing decision).

Please feel free to use the template below.

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

To start the ETA procedure, please submit the form below. We will then check if the prerequisites for issuing an ETA are met, i.e., in particular, if the product is not fully covered by an existing harmonised standard. If the prerequisites are met, we will check whether a European Assessment Document (EAD) covering the requested assessment scope already exists or still needs to be developed. If an EAD needs to be developed or amended, a complete technical file needs to be established before the procedure can begin.


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Vorübergehender Korrosionsschutz mit ROSTSCHUTZ 310 für DYWIDAG-Einzelspannglieder (Stabverfahren) mit nachträglichem Verbund DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH Neuhofweg 5 85716 Unterschleissheim Z-13.6-10 Z: 22.11.2021
G: 03.12.2026
Vorübergehender Korrosionsschutz mit ROSTSCHUTZ 310 für Stabspannglieder mit nachträglichem Verbund Stahlwerk Annahütte Max Aicher GmbH & Co. KG 83404 Ainring - Hammerau Z-13.6-137 Z: 06.05.2022
G: 11.05.2027
Einpressmörtel nach dem Aufbereitungsverfahren - SUSPA mit SWIBO Typ 1973 DYWIDAG-Systems International GmbH Neuhofweg 5 85716 Unterschleißheim Z-13.6-7 Z: 17.08.2022
G: 03.08.2027
Einpressmörtel nach dem Aufbereitungs- und Einpressverfahren "BBV" BBV Systems GmbH Industriestraße 98 67240 Bobenheim-Roxheim Z-13.6-92 Z: 26.02.2024
G: 03.02.2029
Subject concerned Applicant Decision no. Issued on
NONTRIBOS® VZ-Inject August Gähringer GmbH & Co. KG Fabrik technischer Öle & Fette Königgrätzer Straße 14- 34 47053 Duisburg DEUTSCHLAND ETA-13/0846 18.12.2018