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Shear connectors

Shear connectors, such as anchors, power-actuated fasteners or composite dowel beams, are used in composite members to connect the steel and concrete components in a form-fitting manner. When the composite member is loaded (usually in bending), longitudinal shear forces are transmitted via the shear connectors, which thereby enable the member to act as a single composite structural unit.

Regulatory framework

DIBt grants general construction technique permits (aBG) for the design and execution of connections in composite construction where Eurocode 4 (DIN EN 1994) does not provide conclusive technical rules.

For non-regulated construction products used in these construction techniques, DIBt grants national technical approvals (abZ), also in combination with the general construction technique permit ('combined decision'). European Technical Assessments (ETAs) can also be issued for the related construction products.

Please also refer to the applicable design and execution rules, cf., in particular, MVV TB, Parts A 1 and A 2.

EAD 200033-00-0602 Nailed shear connector (25 pages ) Version: March 2016; OJEU 2016/C 459/08; EOTA

National procedure

A national technical approval (abZ) and/or oder general construction technique permit (aBG) is granted upon application (see Model Building Code (MBO), Sections 16a(2) and18(2) and (4)). This also applies to amendments and supplements to, or renewals of existing approvals and/or construction technique permits.

No formal requirements apply. The following information is needed: name and address of the applicant, description of the product and/or construction technique and its field of use or application, type of decision required (new decision, amendment or supplement to, or renewal of, an existing decision).

Please feel free to use the template below.


new decision
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Subject concerned Applicant Decision no. Validity
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G: 15.05.2028
Verbundträger mit CoSFB-Betondübel bauforumstahl e.V. Sohnstraße 65 40237 Düsseldorf Z-26.4-59 Z: 17.06.2019
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