Wood-concrete composite systems

Wood-concrete composite systems consist of a timber element and a concrete slab that are joined together in a shear-resistant manner. The shear-resistant bond can be achieved, for example, using screws, dowels, birdsmouth joints, punched metal plate fasteners, flat steel locks or glued-in sheets. Formwork with or without foil can also be arranged.

Regulatory framework

There are no conclusive technical rules for the design and execution of wood-concrete composite applications, cf. MVV TB, Annex A 1.2.5/1, no. 4. DIBt grants general construction technique permits (aBG) for these construction techniques. The aBG can also be granted in combination with a national technical approval (abZ), when construction products are being used for which no Technical Building Rules (cf. MVV TB Chapter C.2) and no generally recognised technical rules exist.

European Technical Assessments (ETAs) can also be issued for wood-concrete composite products.

Technical rules

Application forms

National procedure

A national technical approval (abZ) and/or oder general construction technique permit (aBG) is granted upon application (see Model Building Code (MBO), Sections 16a(2) and18(2) and (4)). This also applies to amendments and supplements to, or renewals of existing approvals and/or construction technique permits.

No formal requirements apply. The following information is needed: name and address of the applicant, description of the product and/or construction technique and its field of use or application, type of decision required (new decision, amendment or supplement to, or renewal of, an existing decision).

Please feel free to use the template below.

Application for a national technical approval and/or construction technique permit (3 pages)

Version: January 2018; Application form

Application for amendment / supplementation / renewal of a national technical approval and/or construction technique permit (4 pages)

Version: January 2018; Application form

Guideline: How to provide drawings for national technical approvals and general construction technique permits (5 pages)

Version: July 2017

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

To start the ETA procedure, please submit the form below. We will then check if the prerequisites for issuing an ETA are met, i.e., in particular, if the product is not fully covered by an existing harmonised standard. If the prerequisites are met, we will check whether a European Assessment Document (EAD) covering the requested assessment scope already exists or still needs to be developed. If an EAD needs to be developed or amended, a complete technical file needs to be established before the procedure can begin.

Form for requesting a European Technical Assessment (ETA) (2 pages)

Last updated: September 2021

  • abZ/aBG
  • ETA
  • Z = new decision | E = supplement | Ä = amendment | V = renewal | G = valid until
    Subject concerned Applicant Decision no. Validity
    from / to
    SFS VB Schrauben als Verbindungsmittel in Holz-Beton-Verbundkonstruktionen

    SFS intec AG

    Rosenbergsaustraße 10

    9435 HEERBRUGG


    Z-9.1-342 Z: 21.10.2020
    G: 21.10.2025
    Timco II und III Schrauben als Verbindungsmittel für das Timco Holz-Beton-Verbundsystem

    Sieglinde Amrath

    Timco HolzBeton-Verbund

    Unterrießstraße 3

    78465 Konstanz

    Z-9.1-445 Z: 22.11.2017
    G: 22.11.2022
    Dennert Holz-Beton Verbundelemente


    Veit-Dennert-Straße 7

    96132 Schlüsselfeld

    Z-9.1-474 Z: 01.09.2021
    G: 01.09.2026
    HBV-Schubverbinder aus Streckmetall und vorgefertigte Bauteile mit eingeklebten HBV-Schubverbindern für ein Holz-Beton-Verbundsystem

    TiComTec GmbH

    Goethestraße 60

    63808 Haibach

    Z-9.1-557 Z: 19.06.2020
    G: 15.06.2025
    BiFRi Verbund-Anker als Verbindungsmittel für das FRIEDRICH Holz-Beton-Verbundsystem

    FRIEDRICH GmbH Verbundsysteme

    Hofer Straße 21

    95233 Helmbrechts

    Z-9.1-851 Z: 12.03.2020
    G: 12.03.2025
    Hobet Schrauben als Verbindungsmittel für Holz-Beton-Verbundsysteme

    SIHGA® GmbH

    Gewerbepark Kleinreith 4

    4694 OHLSDORF


    Z-9.1-861 Z: 31.05.2021
    G: 24.05.2026
    Verwendung des Elascon SFix HBV-Systems mit Elascon SFix Schrauben als Verbindungsmittel

    Elascon GmbH

    Am Rosengarten 4F

    79183 Waldkirch

    Z-9.1-886 Z: 15.01.2019
    G: 15.01.2024
    EiSYS-P und EiSYS-H Fassadenschrauben zur Befestigung von hinterlüfteten Fassadensystemen in Untergründen aus Holzbaustoffen

    E.u.r.o. Tec GmbH

    Unter dem Hofe 5

    58099 Hagen

    Z-9.1-897 Z: 17.08.2021
    G: 23.07.2025
  • Subject concerned Applicant Decision no. Issued on
    SFS VB screws

    SFS intec AG


    Rosenbergsaustraße 10

    9435 HEERBRUGG


    ETA-13/0699 14.06.2018

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