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DIBt, Berlin – Exterior view

Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) plays a pivotal role in the construction industry: with its approvals and assessments, it ensures the safety of construction works while fostering the development of innovative construction products and techniques. DIBt is a technical authority and a service provider for the construction sector.

Centre of expertise for civil engineering

As a technical authority based in Berlin, DIBt fulfils numerous public tasks in the field of construction on behalf of the 16 federal states and the Federation.

The main objective of establishing the Institute was the creation of a central approval body for innovative and non-regulated construction products and techniques. The preparation of national technical approvals  – and now also European Technical Assessments, construction technique permits and evaluations – is one of our core tasks to this date. Over the decades, however, many more have been added.

As its responsibilities have grown, so has DIBt. Today, the Institute has approximately 230 employees. Furthermore, approx. 570 honorary experts from academia, testing facilities, the industry and administration advise us.

A comprehensive range of services

DIBt's technical verifications ensure that the assessed construction products and techniques contribute to the safety of construction works – in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Everyone benefits from this independent assessment: owners, planners, manufacturers, contractors and, last but not least, residents and users of buildings and engineering works.

In addition, DIBt undertakes many other tasks. On behalf of the federal states, the Institute publishes the Technical Building Rules, promotes regulatory interests in standardisation and awards and supervises building research projects. The Institute is the registration point for energy performance certificates and inspection reports for air-conditioning systems and is responsible for the recognition and notification of independent testing, inspection and certification bodies. The Institute also support the federal states in the field of market surveillance of harmonised construction products. As a structural safety control authority, DIBt grants structural design type approvals. In addition, DIBt runs the Secretariat of the Berlin examination board for the recognition of structural design review engineers.

Information security at DIBt

Careful handling of confidential information is our legal duty and a responsibility that we take very seriously. In order to protect the data processed by DIBt, we have developed an information security policy in accordance with the specifications of the Federal Office for Information Security BSI. For more information, see our information security guideline (currently only available in German).

Corruption prevention at DIBt

Integrity is the foundation of our work as a technical authority. Together with our employees, we developed a guideline on corruption prevention in 2014. It contains our code of conduct and procedural rules for corruption prevention.

The implementation of the guideline is supervised by our anti-corruption officer. She is the central contact person for staff, Institute management, partners and customers. Please feel free to contact her if you have questions or would like to report any irregularities. All information received will be handled with strict confidentiality.

DIBt anti-corruption officer

Phone + 49 30 78730-244
Email antikorruption(at)dibt(.)de


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