Department III – Building Physics, Technical Building Equipment

Department III focuses on sound and thermal insulation, fire safety and building services. Six sections address these regulatory concerns with their extensive technical expertise.

Section III 1 – Thermal and Sound Insulation

Mr Frank Iffländer
Head of Section – Thermal and Sound Insulation

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Fax +49 30 78730-11287

Fields of Activity

Thermal insulation and protection against noise

  • Thermal and sound insulation products
    • insulation products made from renewable resources, e.g. cotton, flax, hemp, cellulose, sheep wool, grain pellets
    • inorganic insulation products, e.g. foam glass, expanded perlite, expanded clay, calcium silicate, vermiculite
    • impact sound insulation products
  • Application of thermal insulation products
    • perimeter protection, e.g. against groundwater
    • thermal insulation under foundation slabs transferring loads into the ground
    • inverted roofs, e.g. green roofs, carpark roofs
    • PUR spray roof insulation
    • core insulation (backfill materials and others)
  • Horizontal assessment of questions relating to thermal and sound insulation as well as energy performance
    • skylights
    • sandwich panels
    • ETICS
    • wall construction techniques
    • glazing

Section III 2 – Fire Protection of Ventilation and Duct Systems

Ms Juliane Valerius
Head of Section – Fire Protection of Ventilation Systems

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Fax +49 30 78730-11350

Fields of Activity

Fire protection of ventilation systems

  • Fire protection systems
  • Shut-off devices
    • fire dampers in ventilation ducts
    • shut-off devices in ventilation systems
  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems
    • smoke dampers for ventilation ducts
    • smoke extraction ventilators
  • Fire safety of electric panels

Section III 3 – Resistance to Fire of Building Components, Fire Safety

Head of Section – Resistance to Fire of Building Components, Fire Safety

Fields of Activity

Resistance to fire, restriction of spread of fire, fire safety

  • Fire-resistant glazing
  • Fire doors, fire shutters and other fire closures
  • Fire closures for conveyor systems
  • Fire closures in fire-resistant hoistways
  • Hold-open systems for fire and smoke control doors and shutters
  • Specific construction techniques and applications for fire closures
  • Fire curtains
  • Fire-resistant casings
  • Construction products for sealing grilles in fire-resistant building components
  • Construction products for sealing electrical wiring in fire-resistant building components
  • Special components
  • Mobile fire-resistant partitions
  • Other fire-resistant components

Section III 4 – Reaction to Fire of Building Materials, Fire Protective Coatings

Mr Otto Fechner
Head of Section – Reaction to Fire of Building Materials, Fire Protective Coatings

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Fax +49 30 78730-11207

Fields of Activity

Fire performance of construction materials (including roofs), generation and spread of fire

  • Reaction to fire of construction materials
  • Horizontal assessment of construction products and techniques with regard to reaction to fire (including roofs); classification of fire behaviour in accordance with DIN 4102-1 or DIN EN 13501-1  / DIN 4102-7 or DIN EN 13501-5 respectively, e.g.:
    • claddings
    • floorings
    • skylights
    • insulation products
    • sandwich panels
    • external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)

Fire-protective coatings and claddings

  • Intumescent products
  • Ablation coating materials
  • Reactive coatings for fire protection of steel elements
  • Renders and render systems intended for fire-resistant applications

Section III 5 – Combustion Appliances, Chimneys, Building Services

Mr Rudolf Kersten
Head of Section – Combustion Appliances, Chimneys, Building Services

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Fax +49 30 78730-11276

Fields of Activity

Ventilation technology

  • Ventilation systems and accessories
  • Safety equipment for the combined operation of ventilation systems and non-room-sealed fireplaces

Combustion appliances

  • House chimneys
  • Exhaust gas ducts
  • Combined air/exhaust gas systems
  • Materials and accessories for combustion appliances
  • Dust separators and filters
  • Catalysts
  • Fireplaces
  • Materials and accessories for fireplaces
  • Heat exchangers

Sewage technology

  • Sewers, access chambers and fittings
  • Linings and lining techniques, including
    • flooding
    • hose-lining
    • filling and grouting
    • short-pipe relining
    • lining of short and long pipes
    • winder-pipe lining
    • rehabilitation techniques using rigid components (e.g. pipes, segments, shells)
    • lining with dimpled sheets
    • burst-lining
    • surface coating, e.g. for access chambers
    • inlet pipe rehabilitation, e.g. top-hat profile technology
  • Sealants and adhesives
  • Connectors
  • Negative pressure drainage systems
  • Waterless urinals
  • Underground sewage retention and infiltration elements

Section III 6 – Fire Protection of Service Installations, Cable and Pipe Penetration Seals

Ms Manuela Bernholz
Head of Section – Fire Protection of Service Installations, Cable and Pipe Penetration Seals

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Fax +49 30 78730-11436

Fields of Activity

Cable penetration seals, mixed penetration seals

  • Penetration seals of fire-resistance classes S 30 to S 120 or El 30 to El 120
    • for cables or mixed installations of cables and pipes
    • for conductor rails, e.g. using special fire protection blocks

Pipe penetration seals

  • Penetration seals of fire resistance classes R 30 to R 120 or El 30 to El 120
    • for pipes, e.g. mechanic penetration seals, pipe collars, pipe wrappings and others
    • for pipes connected with floor drains or roof outlets, e.g. using fire-proofing insertions

Ms Maja Tiemann
Head of Department – Building Physics, Technical Building Equipment

Phone +49 30 78730-241
Fax +49 30 78730-11241