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Fire-retardants for timber

Fire-retardants serve to improve the reaction-to-fire performance of solid timber or wood-based materials treated with them. Through treatment with the fire-retardant, the solid timber or wood-based materials can be used in areas in which use of building materials classified as not easily flammable ('schwerentflammbar') is required. The fire-retardant can be applied to the solid timber or wood-based materials in a downstream process through painting, spraying, dipping or vacuum–pressure impregnation.

Regulatory framework

Classification of the reaction-to-fire of construction products is relevant to ensure fulfilment of the regulatory safety levels, cf. Model Building Code (MBO), Sections 3 and 14 in conjunction with Section 26.

DIBt grants national technical approvals (abZ)/general construction technique permits (aBG) for fire-retardants for timber/wood-based materials to improve their reaction-to-fire performance unless the test methods set out for the granting of a national technical test certificate (abP) are applied (cf. MVV TB, Section C 3, no. C 3.4), because there are no Technical Building Rules nor generally recognised technical rules for such products/applications.

European Technical Assessments (ETAs) can also be issued for fire-retardants. For applications comprising fire-retardants, the relevant provisions of the federal states following MVV TB, Section A 2.2, no. A referring to Annex 4, Section 14 apply.

Please refer to the Technical Building Rules, cf. in particular:

  • MVV TB, Part A 2.2, no. A 'Regulatory requirements, assignment of classes, use of construction products, application of construction techniques'
  • MVV TB, Section A 2.2, no. A Classified building materials and components, execution rules (referring to DIN 4102-4:2016-05)

National verification is carried out based on specifications developed by DIBt after consultation with the competent expert committee 'Fire behaviour of building materials'. Applicants will receive all details in the course of the procedure.

National procedure

A national technical approval (abZ) and/or oder general construction technique permit (aBG) is granted upon application (see Model Building Code (MBO), Sections 16a(2) and18(2) and (4)). This also applies to amendments and supplements to, or renewals of existing approvals and/or construction technique permits.

No formal requirements apply. The following information is needed: name and address of the applicant, description of the product and/or construction technique and its field of use or application, type of decision required (new decision, amendment or supplement to, or renewal of, an existing decision).

Please feel free to use the template below.

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

To start the ETA procedure, please submit the form below. We will then check if the prerequisites for issuing an ETA are met, i.e., in particular, if the product is not fully covered by an existing harmonised standard. If the prerequisites are met, we will check whether a European Assessment Document (EAD) covering the requested assessment scope already exists or still needs to be developed. If an EAD needs to be developed or amended, a complete technical file needs to be established before the procedure can begin.


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Dämmschichtbildende Beschichtung "Brandschutz" zur Ausrüstung von Vollholz und Holzwerkstoffplatten und deren Verwendung als schwerentflammbare Baustoffe Remmers GmbH Bernhard-Remmers-Straße 13 49624 Löningen Z-56.313-100 Z: 18.06.2021
G: 22.07.2024
Feuerschutzmittel "Adolit BSS 1" für die Imprägnierung von Holz im Kessel-Vakuum-Druck-Verfahren zur Verbesserung des Brandverhaltens Remmers GmbH Bernhard-Remmers-Straße 13 49624 Löningen Z-56.313-99 Z: 05.12.2023
G: 05.12.2025