Construction products detail

Textile strengthening materials for manufacturing pipes, tanks and collecting devices made of plastic (GFRP)

Together with reaction resins, textile strengthening materials (glass fibres in the form of woven fabrics, rovings or meshes) are used to manufacture plastic laminates (GFRP). These laminates are used, for example, to manufacture pipes, bulk silos, cesspits, tanks and collecting devices for substances hazardous to water.

The laminates are characterised by their high strength and chemical resistance as well as their low weight.

The resistance of the textile strengthening materials to specific media hazardous to water is verified in the approval procedure. These strengthening materials are used, e.g., for the manufacture of the aforementioned construction products, which are also subject to regulatory verifications of fitness for use, in particular when used for stationary facilities for the storage, filling and handling of liquids hazardous to water or for the storage of bulk materials (silos).

Regulatory framework

DIBt grants national technical approvals (abZ) for textile strengthening materials for the manufacture of plastic pipes and tanks.

National procedure

A national technical approval (abZ) and/or oder general construction technique permit (aBG) is granted upon application (see Model Building Code (MBO), Sections 16a(2) and18(2) and (4)). This also applies to amendments and supplements to, or renewals of existing approvals and/or construction technique permits.

No formal requirements apply. The following information is needed: name and address of the applicant, description of the product and/or construction technique and its field of use or application, type of decision required (new decision, amendment or supplement to, or renewal of, an existing decision).

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