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Waterproofing beneath ceramic tiling bonded with adhesives

Waterproofing beneath ceramic tiling bonded with adhesives refers to waterproofing systems consisting of multiple components (tile adhesive, surface waterproofing, sealing tapes and collars for flashings and counter-flashings). One of the waterproofing components is a liquid applied waterproofing product or a waterproofing membrane, sheet or plate. The waterproofing is created in combination with the tile layer.

Regulatory framework

Regulatory requirements only extend to waterproofing products used in areas with very high water exposure. These include:

  • wet rooms in which there is very frequent or long-lasting contact with commercial, industrial or grey water (e.g. shower facilities or areas around swimming pools)
  • enclosures holding water (e.g. swimming pools)
  • wet rooms where chemicals are used to a limited extend (e.g. commercial kitchens and laundromats).

Bathrooms in houses or hotels are generally considered not to fall in this category of very high water exposure. However, the final categorisation is the responsibility of the competent designer.

Waterproofing products used in the areas considered relevant from a regulatory point of view are subject to a national technical test certificate (abP), cf. MVV TB, Section C 3. National technical test certificates are issued by testing laboratories officially recognised for this purpose, as listed in the Directory of recognised testing laboratories, inspection and certification bodies (PÜZ-Verzeichnis, see column on the right). The testing laboratories also carry out the corresponding testing and external surveillance. Please submit your application directly to a qualified testing laboratory.

As a European Technical Assessment Body, DIBt can also issue European Technical Assessments (ETAs) for these waterproofing products based on European Assessment Documents (EADs) still to be developed or already existing, such as

  • EAD 030400-xx-0605 Waterproofing kit based on polymeric membranes for in- and outdoor walls and floors of wet areas and swimming pools
  • EAD 030352-xx-0503  Liquid applied watertight covering kits for wet room floors and/or walls (superseding ETAG 022-1)
  • EAD 030436-xx-0503 Watertight covering kits based on flexible sheets for wet room floors and/or walls (superseding ETAG 022-2).
  • EAD 030437-xx-0503 , Watertight covering kits based on inherently watertight boards for wet room floors and/or walls (superseding ETAG 022-3)

Appication rules for these waterproofing products and kits as well as for products in accordance with EN 14891 (outdoor area) are set out in MVV TB, Section B 2.2.5.

Rules for the design and execution are set out in the design standards DIN 18534 (wet rooms) and DIN 18535 (tanks and pools). Prefabricated wet rooms are not regulated separately. The technical rules relevant to each individual component apply.

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

To start the ETA procedure, please submit the form below. We will then check if the prerequisites for issuing an ETA are met, i.e., in particular, if the product is not fully covered by an existing harmonised standard. If the prerequisites are met, we will check whether a European Assessment Document (EAD) covering the requested assessment scope already exists or still needs to be developed. If an EAD needs to be developed or amended, a complete technical file needs to be established before the procedure can begin.

Subject concerned Applicant Decision no. Issued on
Kaubiflex FA-System Kaubit AG Industriestraße 1 49413 Dinklage DEUTSCHLAND ETA-08/0250 27.05.2021
Schlüter-DITRA 25 Schlüter-Systems KG Schmölestraße 7 58640 Iserlohn DEUTSCHLAND ETA-09/0027 14.01.2019
Schlüter-KERDI / Schlüter-KERDI-DS Schlüter-Systems KG Schmölestraße 7 58640 Iserlohn DEUTSCHLAND ETA-09/0146 14.01.2019
KEMPEROL 022 Sealing KEMPER SYSTEM GmbH & Co. KG Holländische Str. 32-36 34246 Vellmar DEUTSCHLAND ETA-09/0155 09.12.2014
Aquaproof System Köster Aquatecnic Ltd The Mount Sydney Craigs Road DUMFRIES DG1 4 EU GROSSBRITANNIEN ETA-09/0200 17.05.2018
ARDEX SK 100 W Dichtsystem ARDEX GMBH Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 45 58453 Witten-Annen DEUTSCHLAND ETA-11/0282 20.10.2017
KEMA HIDROSTOP DP-System Kema Puconci d.o.o. Puconci 393 9201 PUCONCI SLOWENIEN ETA-11/0325 10.09.2018
Skalflex Vadrumssaet Scan Vadrumssaet Skalflex A/S Industrivej 20 B 8800 VIBORG DÄNEMARK ETA-11/0327 17.05.2018
ARDATEC Flexdicht Bostik GmbH An der Bundesstraße 16 33829 Borgholzhausen DEUTSCHLAND ETA-12/0271 07.12.2017
LUX ELEMENTS WATERTIGHT SOLUTION LUX ELEMENTS GmbH & Co. KG An der Schusterinsel 7 51379 Leverkusen-Opladen DEUTSCHLAND ETA-13/0238 14.07.2015
wedi Abdichtungssystem Bauplatte/Fundo wedi GmbH Hollefeldstraße 51 48282 Emsdetten DEUTSCHLAND ETA-13/0385 18.06.2018
Poresta floor-level shower systems poresta systems GmbH Illbruckstraße 1 34537 Bad Wildungen DEUTSCHLAND ETA-13/0386 18.09.2015
KNAUF Sealing Compound Knauf Bauprodukte GmbH & Co. KG Am Bahnhof 7 97346 Iphofen DEUTSCHLAND ETA-13/0508 01.06.2018
codex Hydrostop Uzin Utz AG Dieselstraße 3 89079 Ulm DEUTSCHLAND ETA-14/0360 09.10.2014
FESCON WS System Fescon Oy Hämeenkatu 9 05800 HYVINKÄÄ FINNLAND ETA-17/0235 02.05.2017
Hey'di K10 System Hey'di AS Postboks 13 NO-2017 FROGNER NORWEGEN ETA-17/0264 06.12.2021
SANIFLEX-EU SCHOMBURG GmbH & Co. KG Aquafinstraße 2-8 32760 Detmold DEUTSCHLAND ETA-17/0469 20.06.2019
Poresta® BFA poresta systems GmbH Illbruckstraße 1 34537 Bad Wildungen DEUTSCHLAND ETA-17/0839 28.06.2018
Kaubit FA Dichtbahn System Kaubit AG Industriestraße 1 49413 Dinklage DEUTSCHLAND ETA-18/0323 30.01.2019
Schedel Multistar Plan Kunststofftechnik Schedel GmbH Oelsnitzer Straße 55 08223 Falkenstein DEUTSCHLAND ETA-18/0760 23.11.2018
LITEX Membranduk System LITEX AS Pindsleveien 4 3211 SANDEFJORD NORWEGEN ETA-19/0142 28.05.2019
Robust Våtromssystem Steinhardt AS Pir II nr 10 7010 TRONDHEIM NORWEGEN ETA-20/1083 16.07.2021