Department II – Health and Environmental Protection

Department II focuses on environmental and health protection, energy performance and sustainability.

Regulatory concerns addressed in this field include the protection of soil and groundwater, preventing emissions of dangerous substances from construction products into the indoor air and ensuring that suitable construction products and techniques are used where substances hazardous to water are handled.

The registration of energy performance certificates also falls within the remit of Department II, and so does the field of activity 'Protection against radiation from construction products'. In this area, DIBt has been designated by several federal states as the 'competent authority' pursuant to Sections 134 and 135 of the Radiation Protection Act (StrlSchG).

Section II 1 – ETICS

Anja Rogsch
Head of Section – ETICS

Phone +49 30 78730-261
Email awe(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Approval and assessment of external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) and accessories

  • ETICS on mineral substrates
  • ETICS with ceramic cladding
  • ETICS on timber walls
  • Insulation materials for ETICS

Section II 2 – Water Pollution Control: Tanks, Pipes and Safety Systems

Holger Eggert
Head of Section – Water Pollution Control: Tanks, Pipes and Safety Systems

Phone +49 30 78730-324
Email hee(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Tanks, made of plastic or metal, single skin or double skin, above ground or underground

  • Tanks for substances hazardous to water
  • Plastic bulk silos
  • Cesspits (domestic sewage)

Pipes and accessories, made of plastic or metal, single skin or double skin, above ground and underground

  • Pipes
  • Hoses
  • Fittings
  • Valves
  • Connectors
  • Filling systems for heating oil tanks

Secondary containment systems

  • Secondary containment systems (collecting trays etc.)  made of plastic or metal
  • Storage facilities and tanks for hazardous substances made of metal
  • Metal sealing systems and claddings for secondary containment systems made of concrete

Safety components

  • Overfill protection
  • Leak detection systems
  • Leakage indication systems
  • Special fittings, such as anti-siphoning valves, quick release couplings etc.
  • Leak protection linings for tanks made of steel, glass fibre reinforced plastic and thermoplastic
  • Access chambers and filling lines

Materials and semi-finished products

  • Thermoplastic moulding compounds
  • Reaction resins
  • Strengthening materials
  • Moulded sheets
  • Wound pipes
  • Thermoplastic sheets for linings

Section II 3 – Wastewater Treatment Plants

Dagmar Wahrmund
Head of Section – Wastewater Treatment Plants

Phone +49 30 78730-329
Email dwa(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

  • Small wastewater treatment systems
  • Light liquid and grease separators
  • Amalgam separators
  • Systems for limitation of hydrocarbons
    • compressor condensate treatment systems
    • loop systems for the treatment of wastewater from vehicle cleaning facilities
    • wastewater treatment plant for transformer stations
    • systems for limitation of hydrocarbons with parts of biodiesel, bio fuel oil and ethanol
  • Construction products and construction techniques for the treatment and infiltration of mineral oil containing storm water
    • permeable pavements
    • off-grid systems (channel and shaft systems)

Section II 4 – Health Protection, Indoor Hygiene, Protection against radiation from construction products

Dr Astrid Gräff
Head of Section – Health Protection, Indoor Hygiene, Protection against radiation from construction products

Phone +49 30 78730-434
Email alu(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Health protection, indoor hygiene

  • Evaluation of construction products with regard to health protection
    • all construction products

Coordination and policy matters

  • Development and implementation of evaluation criteria at the national and European level
    • all construction products

Chemical questions

  • Horizontal treatment of chemical questions in connection with approvals and assessments
    • all construction products


  • Evaluation of floorings for use in dwelling rooms
    • textile floorings
    • rubber floorings
    • PVC floorings
    • linoleum floorings
    • floor coatings
    • parquet and wood floorings, laminate
    • polyurethane floorings
    • polyolefin floorings
    • as well as the adhesives and underlays used in combination with these floorings

Protection against radiation from construction products

Section II 6 – Environmental Protection, Sustainability

Brigitte Strathmann
Head of Section Environmental Protection, Sustainability

Phone +49 30 78730-238
Email bip(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

Assessment of the impact of construction products on the environment

  • all construction products

Coordination and policy matters

  • Development and implementation of assessment criteria at the national and European level
    • all building products


  • all construction products

Soil injection agents

  • soil injection agents for waterproofing of building pits in accordance with DIN 4093

Curtain injection agents

  • Products for draining damp masonry walls curing in direct contact with soil and water

Section II 7 – Waters Protection, Sealings Against Substances Hazardous to Water

Dr Ullrich Kluge
Head of Section – Waters Protection, Sealings against Substances Hazardous to Water

Phone +49 30 78730-359
Email ukl(at)dibt(.)de

Fields of Activity

  • Waters protection, sealing systems and sealings against substances hazardous to water for use/application in
    • SFH facilities (storage, filling and handling facilities for substances hazardous to water)
    • MSS facilities (storage and filling facilities for manure, slurry and silage effluent)
    • biogas SF facilities (storage and filling facilities for fermentation substrates and residues)
  • Pre-fabricated parts as well as sealing systems for collecting trays, devices and rooms and for surfaces, e.g.
    • steel and steel composite systems
    • coating systems and coating materials
    • asphalt sealing layers
      (mastic asphalt, roller-compacted asphalt)
    • sealing systems made of precast concrete elements
      (surface sealing systems, load-bearing trays)
    • sealing systems made of cast-in-place concrete and non-load-bearing mineral sealing layers
    • joint sealing systems
      (sealing tapes, joint sealing compounds, metal sheets, joint profiles)
    • semi-rigid sealing layers
    • systems for restoring the leak tightness of sealing systems made of concrete
      (polymer-based and cement-based systems, crack fillers, injection systems)
    • drainage channel systems
    • wall penetrations and discharge safety devices
    • linings for ground basins
    • leakage detection systems under tanks and containers
    • combined lining systems (protective layers, e.g. ceramic tiles, acid-resistant units and associated coating systems)
    • access chamber sealing systems
    • rubber linings
    • inner coatings and linings
    • plastic sealing sheets and concrete protection mats
    • fixings for use in coated and uncoated sealing systems made of concrete

Dirk Brandenburger MEM (UTS)
Head of Department – Health and Environmental Protection, Registration of Energy Performance Certificates

Phone +49 30 78730-232
Email dbr(at)dibt(.)de